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Vehicles and equipment (tailgate, truck)

In order to continue to meet the demands of our customers and to expand our range of services related to our first business, we have equipped ourselves over time with specific tautliner vehicles (sowing with or without liftgates, sowing heights, …).

Nowadays, we continue to add value to your deliveries, with the acquisition of specific means, such as onboard carts (for the handling of delicately handled products and delivery in difficult-to-access environments) .

Some explanations :

The Hatch:

A mobile handling platform used to lower goods from the floor of a truck to the ground, it is a system of aid to the handling, embarked on vehicle.

We mainly use retractable tailgates that release access to the rear doors and allow docking.

The Embedded Cart :

Totally independent of our truck, the truck allows us to carry out the delivery of your products in total autonomy, to offer you a complete service with an optimal quality.

They are self-contained, multi-directional trucks that allow the handling of pallets or long lengths for deliveries to residential or industrial sites.