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Tray, crane tray & open box

There are many types of trailers, some of which come close to our tautliner vehicles because of their technical characteristics (floor, axle, …).

From the simple tray to the open-box, through the platform crane, we offer our range of vehicles trays for the transport of your materials and various materials.


Some explanations :

Bare trays seedlings

With or without ranchers, consist only of a floor used as a loading plan for the goods transported.

Sowing trays with crane

They allow an integrated solution for lifting and transporting your products in indivisible mass, in length or in pallets.


Open-box seedling

The open-box seedlings consist of movable doors and a folding tarpaulin (curtain), which can be used to close the tray or not to become a traditional semi. Its versatility allows the open box to be used as a bare board or tautliner.