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Vehicle transport tautliner (tarpaulin)

Valet carrier, specialized in the transport of products with high added value: joinery, glazing, medical and paramedical equipment, we deliver throughout France, but also in Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands or Italy.

Owner of our trucks, we provide our services with our integrated means and only subcontract the outsourcing in a timely and rational (partnership with FLO colleagues).

Our departures are mainly from Vendée or Sud-Loire and returns are from our coverage area to return to the 85 and its neighboring departments.

Most of the vehicles we use are tautliner vehicles, that is to say unstoppable (sliding curtain), which allows opening and loading or unloading by the side of the vehicle – when possible. We can also perform loading or unloading products, docked, from the rear of the vehicle tautliner.

To bring you the solution adapted to your delivery needs, our vehicles tautliner benefit from specific equipment that we present in the menu VEHICLES AND EQUIPMENTS (Hatchback, Trolley Embedded)

In addition to our technical equipment, our specially trained drivers, already experienced in the handling of delicate handling products, contribute greatly to our quality of service.