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Transport in palletized courier

Since 2008, thanks to the FLO PALETTES activity, Transports PEROCHEAU are your Vendéen partner for the distribution (in haulers) of your products in palletized messaging.

The FLO PALETTES activity is a daily freight exchange between FLO group carriers on a platform located in the center of France. This platform allows a reliable and fast transit of your products, with hourly freight exchanges. We can thus distribute your goods, from ½ to 5 pallets all over France, Belgium and Great Britain, in a short time.

In concrete terms, Transports Pérocheau can carry out the removal of your pallets at home each day, in Vendée, to give them to their FLO colleague who delivers your destination department. This allows us to ensure the daily delivery of your pallets in all the Hexagon, as well as in some bordering countries (Belgium and Great Britain) in a few hours (from 24 to 72 hours according to the destination).

Every day, when we are present on the platform, we reload the goods from France, Belgium and Great Britain, which are deposited by our colleagues to our attention so that they are delivered in Vendée. You can also entrust us with your product returns that will be delivered in Vendée by us.

In any case we remain your only interlocutor.

By joining this network, we diversify our services to satisfy our most urgent customers and also meet their last-minute requirements.

Action for the environment:


Through the FLO PALETTES activity, the FLO Group, at the initiative of its members, launches a significant environmental action: “10 PALETTES FOR THE PLANET”.

This operation consists of financing the planting of trees every 10 pallets shipped. It has been put in place to stop the fall of tree plantations and thus promote reforestation that helps fight against climate change. In parallel, this approach will also create jobs.

A guarantee of its seriousness, this project is controlled and verified by the independent organization Ecocert (internationally recognized for forest certification) which guarantees the follow-up of the planting and the growth of the trees.

This initiative echoes the daily involvement of Transports Pérocheau in respect of the environment (see our Newsletter on the subject).