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Safety, environment, quality


Security should be a concern for all at all times.

While reconciling respect for people, regulations, products and equipment, the Pérocheau Group has made safety a real corporate culture.
Occupying a site under alarm, video and regulated access, PEROCHEAU group daily safety awareness including the transportation of hazardous materials and high value-sensitive products, such as joinery, windows, medical and paramedical …



By entering into a voluntary sustainable development, Perocheau Group reconciles economic requirements, social and technological developments, while participating in an environmentally.

By signing the charter Objective CO2 in June 2010, the company is committed to carry on the long term concrete and custom actions in the fields below. This is to reduce CO2 emissions and continue to meet the requirements of its customers.

Click here, to know more detail our environmental commitment and access our section on the Charter Objective CO2, you can also download our newsletter in this paragraph dedicated to this subject.



Both human, and material, quality is at the heart of Perocheau Group.

The PEROCHEAU mindset advocating quality, responsiveness and timeliness is possible through standards, internal processes and Traceability involved in the development of skills and expertise of each. These actions are reinforced through specific software and tools such as embedded computing for transport and the barcode flashing for logistics.