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Philosophy of commitments

Belonging to a group of carriers : France Lots Organisation

FLO-20ANSCreated in 1993 by 12 carriers, including Transports PEROCHEAU, the group currently brings together 110 companies. The majority of these are family-owned SMEs, distributed throughout France around core values: Safety, Quality and Respect for the environment.

Creating a synergy between its members, the FLO group provides its members with innovative solutions in terms of transport and logistics.

Founding member of the group, we have also been present since 2002 on the FLO Board of Directors.
In 2014, the group celebrated its 20th anniversary. On this occasion a new logo has been specially created. Click on it to access the website of the FLO group.

The FLO Group promotes values that are important to us. It is the initiative of the operation “10 pallets for the planet” which allows the planting of a tree every 10 pallets shipped in the network FLO PALETTES and thus contributes to the reforestation of forests.

Some members of the FLO office in September 2014, including Philippe PEROCHEAU (center)

Adhérent FNTR

The National Federation of Road Transport is the first professional organization in the road transport sector in France.

The FNTR, created in 1933, brings together more than two thirds of the member companies of a professional road transport organization in France. Groupe Perocheau is a member company from the beginning!

François PEROCHEAU is the president of FNTR Vendée since 2015.

François PEROCHEAU – President FNTR Vendée.

Member of the EBCL association (Challans Bassin & Littoral)

As a local vendor in the Challandais countryside for more than 70 years, we are committed to being an active member of the local territory.

It is therefore quite natural that we are a member of the EBCL association (Enterprises of the Bassin de Challans & Littoral), which groups together companies representing our geographical sector rather industrial. This association has for object the economic development of Challans and its region.

LOGO-EBCL-2007-11Philippe PEROCHEAU is currently the President of the association founded in the year 2000 by 17 CEOs. Today EBCL is composed of 55 companies with more than 10 employees.

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

To go even further in their CSR approach, Transport Perocheau registered in April 2017 on the platform for rating the social and environmental performance of global supply chains: EcoVadis.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept in which companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their activities and in their interaction with their stakeholders (customers, suppliers).

The results of the 1st Ecovadis analysis, grant a bronze medal to Transports Perocheau.

Signature of the CO2 Target Charter, the carriers commit themselves

In order to reduce its CO2 emissions, the Perocheau Group signed in 2010 “the” Objectif CO2 “Charter, the carriers commit themselves” – initiative initiated by the Ministry of the Ecology of Energy, Sustainable Development and the sea and the ADEME.

– Modernization of the fleet
– Eco-driving
– Reducing the number of unladen kilometers
– Fuel optimization

are all areas in which the Pérocheau Group focuses its efforts and investments to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Thanks to this voluntary commitment, the Perocheau Group contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also congestion and noise pollution. Through this action, it contributes to the improvement of the quality of the air.