CO2 OBJECTIVE PROGRAM: our action plan


In order to reduce its CO2 emissions, the Perocheau Group signed in 2010 the “Objectif CO2, the carriers undertake” charteran initiative initiated by the Ministry of the Ecology of Energy, Sustainable Development and Energy. Sea as well as ADEME.

– The modernization of the fleet
– Eco-driving
– The reduction of the number of empty kilometers
– Fuel optimization

are all areas in which the Pérocheau Group focuses its efforts and investments to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Thanks to this voluntary commitment, the Perocheau Group contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but also congestion and noise pollution. Through this action, it contributes to the improvement of the quality of the air.


All these actions allowed us to access the second phase of the CO2 OBJECTIVE PROGRAM and to be labeled on March 29, 2017.