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Label CO2

Recognized environmental performance

Always attentive to the respect of the environment, we were among the first carriers to engage in a voluntary approach to reduce CO2 emissions by signing the “CO2 Target Charter” in 2010.

Since then, the “CO2 Objective Program” has had a new phase and voluntary transporters can now apply for the “CO2 Objective Label”, which is the second phase of this program.

All our daily actions have allowed us to have a high level of performance, enabling us to be eligible for the CO2 Label.

It is therefore quite natural that we decided to move on to higher gear and to be a candidate for the “Label – CO2 Objective”.

We therefore submitted our data and environmental performance to audit and obtained in March 2017 the CO2 Objective Labeling.

The auditor stresses in his report that “The company is reaping the rewards of many improvements that have been implemented in all areas for several years”.

The modernization of our fleet, eco-driving, reducing the number of unladen kilometers, fuel optimization are all axes on which we constantly focus our efforts and investments.

The CO2 Objective label certifies our environmental performance. It is both an acknowledgment of our commitments and of the work carried out by all the teams, as well as a guarantee of quality for our customers.

Once again, we are among the pioneer companies in this field, since by the end of May 2017 only 55 companies were labeled in France, 6 in Pays de Loire and 2 in Vendée (including Transports Perocheau).