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Our history in brief

The Perocheau Group offers its customers its expertise and experience in the field of road transport. At the end of the 39-45 War, Fernand Perocheau (father) becomes grain dealer and fertilizer. It delivers farms fertilizer and then falls as the motor carrier from Highways.

Soon his son, Fernand and Rémi develop transport activity. In 1969, the Société Anonyme des Transports Pérocheau is created, then the park has a dozen vehicles.

When Fernand (son), retiring in 1999, a new generation enters the service of the family business, Francois and Philippe shall assist Rémi then their father. Today François provides administrative and financial management, while Philippe provides operational and commercial management.

From generation to generation, the company has evolved to meet the needs of its customers, actively participate in the economic development of its territory, to fit into an eco-friendly approach.